Monday, April 6, 2009

in the army now!

so just a little update on the latest news about expected the army decided to change plans March 30th Josh left for Indiana....he will be there until the end of June (at least) and then deploying for Afghanistan instead of Iraq. His deployment will "only" be 9 months...which is better than 12 or 15 like some so we are grateful for that. When this is all said and done if things stay on track he will be gone for a total of about 13 we are ready for this to start and be over with!!!! We miss him terribly but are so proud of him! Please keep him and us in your prayers! We were lucky enough to be able to visit Ks for a couple of weeks. We are here now until the 11th. We are so happy to see everyone and can't wait to come back this summer. Hopefully it will be for a month or 2 but we don't know when we will be back for sure. We are at the armys mercy so it'll depend on what they do with Josh. Hurry up and wait! That's our motto for the army! LOVE!