Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cocoa Playground

Well, as I was cleaning this morning I was trying to figure out what I wanted to blog about. Sons birth? Our move? Dads passing? Lots of thoughts ran thru my head as I cleaned the kitchen, dining room, living room, the girls' room, and I was just giving a sigh of relief after finishing the play room when Kenna ran in and said "oh no mom look what hunter got into"...those are never words I like to hear! This is what I found. 
Incase you wondered that is cocoa powder! Did I mention I JUST spent 3 hours cleaning prior to this and I was just getting ready to take a "break"?!? Oh AND yesterday the hubs and I did some deep cleaning in the kitchen which included MOPPING! I donno about anyone else's house but in our house that means my floors were good for another few days (ok ok a week probably don't judge!)  before I'd break down and mop again. So I did what any good house keeper would do! I got out the good ol' vacuum and sucked it all up! Floor saved!
Got supper prepared, devoured, and cleaned up and once again I was ready to be done, this time for the day! Sister invited us out to the lake for some s'mores so I was getting stuff rounded up when I realized it was awful quiet! Something else that is usually not good to hear when 3 kids are somewhere in the house! Low and behold what does kenna coming running with but that dang cocoa powder container!
Sorry for the blurry pics but as you can tell he was pretty proud of his work! He kept laughing and clapping! The hubs had to pipe in with "why wasn't it put up after the first time he got into it" thanks hubs thanks! He was soon bathed (after the brief photo shoot) the cocoa was swept up and I gave into spot mopping...I had no choice, the floor was brown and the vacuum didn't work this time! **sigh** He's only 10 months!!??!? Did I mention I JUST mopped!?!? Thanks son for the "easy" blog post! Happy weekend everyone! Love!
P.s. this is from my phone so I'm hoping it turns out ok on the "real" version! :)

Friday, June 29, 2012

sweet summertime

As promised the lake trip. Hubby loves to be outdoors. I think his dream is to be one of those mountain men that lives in the middle of no where and lives off the land. I tell him he'd be an awful lonely mountain man cause this lady is not a mountain woman! I've acquired I am starting to acquire the same love for the outdoors. Ok, maybe not the same love, but I am enjoying some of the outdoor things that I really didn't grow up doing. Like fishing. If we ever win the lottery I can count on having a room of nothing but fishing junk stuff. Oh and we must not forget hunting. Hubby is also an avid hunter. If he could hunt and fish for a living he'd be in HEAVEN! It's like that song "if I could make a living out of loving you, I'd be a millionare in a week or two, I'd be doing what I love and loving what I do, if I could make a living out of loving you" Only his would be something like "If I could make a living out of loving fishing and hunting"......It's something that when we first started dating really kind of annoyed me. It took MY time away, but as we get further into our relationship it's something I've learned to love and respect about him. I love to see the passion he has for it. Passion is something a lot of people lose in their lives. And seeing his face light up when he's doing what he loves warms my heart. I've learned to enjoy the time I get to spend with him doing something he loves. It's something that I love seeing carried on down to my children. Seeing him spend the time and effort to teach the girls (and soon son) all about his passion makes my heart happy. I know they will one day have passion for what their daddy taught them growing up. They will look back and have great memories of time spent close to him. As weird as it might sound it also makes me feel safe. I love that if ever need be (God forbid) we had to provide food for ourselves, we could. Crazy I know but it just gives me some weird sense of security. Anyhow, that got a little more deep then I intended but the words just started spilling out. Maybe it was because I had a "moment" today when I realized once again MY dad is no longer here. I think thats another reason why I just love seeing hubby teaching the girls things. Life is WAY too short and you never ever know when God will call you home. I can rest easy knowing the girls would be well taken care of if something ever happened to me. I also know that if something ever happened to hubby the girls are making memories right now that they will forever remember.

We started off here. At the Gathering Pond. Hubby was highly dissapointed. With all these crazy zebra mussles everywhere there are new restrictions on what you can fish with. Such as you can no longer fish with live bait here! Hubby was so excited he went and got his minnows and couldn't wait to get a fish for the girls and then as we passed the booth a guy came out and showed us a flyer saying Josh's poor minnows were not allowed. Bummer. So we fished with good ol' worms. YUCK! I hate worms. I make ask the girls or Josh the get the worms out for me. Yes I said girls. They don't mind the nasty little creatures.
We didn't have much luck here so we decided to move to a different spot. This is what the rest of my evening looked like.

It was pretty beautiful. You just can't beat a good ol' Kansas sunset!

The girls had a BLAST! The wanted to do everything themselves! And pretty close to every 2 minutes you would hear "I think I got a fish, should I reel it in" or "My bobber moved I need to reel my pole in". I think they have their mama's patience! I'm sure it was pure excitment! :)

My dear sweet son was such a good boy! It was still extremely hot out and he barely fussed at all. We packed sandwich stuff and chips so the food kept him pretty content for a while. Uncle Goggin (girls language for hubbys brother Jonathan) was a big help and held him when he started to get tired of sitting in that dang car seat.

I had told Josh about 5 mintues prior that I was getting tired of nothing even hitting on our poles. We'd be there a couple hours and I was getting bored! He had crossed over my line so he was reeling in my pole when his bobber started to go under! He handed me my pole and his other pole and started to pull in the fish. Not 10 seconds after he handed me the pole it started going crazy too! All this waiting and we had 2 fish! FINALLY! Hubby must not of trusted me with his dear fish because he reeled the one fish in real quick and then took the pole away from me and reeled in the second one. I sure thought I was doing a good job but hubby seemed to think I might lose it! Me?! Never! Anyhow these are the 2 beauts we ended up with. Twins were super excited that we were gonna be able to eat supper now! Even though we had already eaten! Hubby was happy!

He ended up throwing them back. Something about he didn't "feel" like cleaning ONLY 2 fish. What?! We just fished for how many hours, finally got 2 and you threw them back?!
Did I mention the sunset was beautiful?! LOVE!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

chicken chicken

Day 2! Did I catch the bug?! Ehh, I'm not keeping my hopes up...neither should you! :) Although I have started a "file" in my head of future blogs. That's a good sign right?! Anyhow. Back to business. So, I couldn't wait to tell you have proud of myself I was yesterday. Well, technically it's 1:20am so it is tomorrow, but I haven't slept yet so it's still today. Was that confusing? How about this. I was pretty proud of myself on Tuesday. The hubby sent me an oh so sweet text that said something along the lines of "I'm really hungry so I hope you're making something good for supper" (like I cook not so good things?!?!) It's the sweet nothings I'll always dreamed of hearing reading! (rolling eyes) Of course my reply was "What would you like my dear sweet husband" "Like what?!?" His response was "Grill that whole chicken in the fridge" me: "umm, can't I just put it in the crockpot" Him: "no, you'll do good just grill it" me: "can't I just put it in the crockpot? I don't even know how to turn on the grill" Him: "no, grill it. It's not hard. Turn the knob (blah blah instructions for grill)...then put a rub on the chicken and then flip/rotate it every 15 minutes" me: "can't I put it in the crockpot? how long do I have to do that for" Him : "only an hour or maybe 2, oh and that zuchinni would be good with it and some potatoes or rice, yeah fried rice"......only an hour or 2?! Doens't he know I have 3,  T-H-R-E-E, children running around this house and running outside every 15 mins to flip a bird is just not on my top to do list? And add all the other sides to it also?! So I told him too bad it was going in the crockpot and we were having box macaroni and cheese for a side! HA! Just kidding! So I not so very happily dug out the nasty extras from the inside, dumped about 10 differnce spices on the thing, added some butter and onions, followed the precise grill instructions and got the bird cooking without blowing anything up! Score 1 for Lenise! I then peeled potatoes, cut up zuchinni, and started some fried rice. The beginning stages looked a little something like this.
I love foil potatoes! SOOOO easy and they are always so yummy! See the bird! It's starting to look preeeety yummy!

Oh, did I forget to mention its HOT outside?! Like 110 degrees hot, and yes I was out every 15 minutes flipping the dang bird! On the grill that is...not to anyone. Long story short. I survived, the grill survived, and well the bird was already dead but it survived my cooking. In the end this is what we ended up with.
Thats hubby cutting up the chicken.

My version of fried rice. Hubby could eat rice, white or fried, about everyday. Although I was told, "Don't add the white stuff (hominy) again"

I was pretty impressed with myself. Pretty much everything minus the rice was GONE. This is the type of meal the hubby gets wants every night. He's a good ol' meat and potato kind of guy. Don't let him fool you though, he's a pretty awesome cook. This was his stir fry from the other night. Yumm, yumm, yumm.

Hey maybe my blog will turn into a food blog! Hmm probably not, but it was a good thought! I'm getting off subject. Back to tuesday. After we ate (everything) and cleaned up hubby deciced we NEEDED to run to walmart to get our fishing licenses and food for a picnic so Wenesday after I got off work we could go to the lake! Sweating to death while my skins burns in 110 weather is exactly what I want to do after work! So we headed into walmart around 8pm. Yes we are those people that take our kids to walmart past their bedtime. I'm over it. Did a little shopping and finally got home around 10:30pm. I'd say the kids LOVED every minute of it.

Well, now that's it's 2 am off to bed I must go! I've got lots of fun to show you tomorrow from the lake tonight...or last night...what ever you want to call it! LOVE!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


See that picture over there ----> of the gorgeous girl (no not me (just kidding) a little further down) that says The Coffeehouse. Go check out her blog. She's hilarious! I love her! :)

2 years?!

Wow, so apparently blog life was not in my cards! 2010 was my last post! What a LONG time ago. Although in the grand scheme of things a short time really. So much has happened in those 2 short years. A move, a birth, a death, lots of laughs, tears, struggle, and LOTS of blessings. I've learned over and over again blessings can be found EVERYWHERE. Thanks to the Good Lord. Although I'm tempted to write one REAALLLY long blog, I'll spare your time. I'll write a blog on some of the high(or not so high) lights of the last couple of years. Besides, that will give me a "reason" to write over the next few weeks. Although after I'm thru updating everyone (well, thats if theres anyone out there) I won't promise that it won't be until 2014 that I'm on again. I'll try hard BUT no promises! I may be an almost full time stay at home mommy, but I find I work harder at home then I do at WORK. *sigh* I'll make this short and sweet. I'll leave you with a very special highlight from yesterday. My dear sweet son (the one I didn't have last time I blogged) that I love so very much was so generous yesterday! He gave me the wonderful blessing of time to clean the shower!  I took a nice long shower and then decided he probably needed one also. Washed him all up and gave him one last tight squeeze (I can't help but love on him all the time) as I started to get out of the shower. Apparently I squeezed too tight!!! I felt something hit my leg. I thought one of the shower puff thingys had fallen so I looked down just in time to see the big splat of POOP yes POOP hit the shower floor. With out going into too much further detail, we had stir fry the night before. I guess Hunter doesn't chew his veggies. It was a GREAT start to my Monday! Glad you're back to reading my blog yet? LOVE!