Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It's obviously been a while since I've "blogged"! Not really too much to write though. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went over to Josh's sisters house. Had a BIG lunch/dinner......I helped cook and by the time it was ready to eat I didn't even really feel like was lots of work! LOL! The girls are doing great. Getting BIG of course. Makenna has started to "sing"....anytime music comes on she starts "dancing" and she'll sing until the song is over. She really loves singing to this little stuffed animal we have that plays Jesus Loves You. It's so funny. They are both EVERYWHERE! They're not actually walking yet but I'm afraid it won't be long. We are really excited to be going home for Christmas. We plan on leaving around the 18th or 19th and then staying till probably the 2nd...the dates aren't set in stone yet but thats what we are hoping for. Well, I suppose I best get to bed. I hope all is well and hope to see everyone at Christmas. Take care and Happy Holidays! LOVE!!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! We didn't really do a whole lot considering the girls aren't hold enough really go "trick or treating". We figured people would probably catch onto the fact that the we (the parents) would be eating the candy since the girls don't aren't quite old enough! :) Although the thought did cross my mind! I love chocolate! :) We did take the girls to the nursing home that my in laws give a Sunday sermon at. All of the older people loved them!
Makenna is going thru a "stranger" phase and if someone she doesn't know talks to her she screams bloody murder, so I felt bad when she started crying! We weren't really for sure what to call their "costumes". Christa had gotten them onesies that said "I love my mummy" and Halloween headbands before we left Ks, and I also got them little "tulle" glittery skirts. So I guess they were Halloween Princesses! :) They were cute. I just wanted to post a few pics for everyone to see. I have more on myspace and facebook. Oh! And I also dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Whenever I tell people I'm from Ks down here they either mention Dorothy/Toto or say the famous line "you're not in Ks anymore". So I thought it was fitting. I told my sis maybe if I click my heels I'll come back home! (the homesickness is setting in finally) I hope all is well! Everyone take care! Love! (that is Jonathan with Makenna in the pic on the right and Joslen on the left)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Okay okay, so I know its been a while since I've written...but I really don't have much time to get on here. I started working at the salon...Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 9-4, Wednesday and Friday 12-7:30...Then once again Saturdays are Jonathan's games and Sunday is church...not a whole lot of time for anything else! Work is going....its really slow and not at all what I'm used to. I left a pretty big clientele in Ks and now I am starting all over. Hopefully soon it will start picking up. Josh is still working with his Dad. Nothing too exciting there. Florida is actually starting to cool down a little bit! We are having a "cold front" LOL...It's down in the 60's! It's really nice out, and I will admit I did get chilly a few nights! Still not KS cold though! The girls are getting big..I can't believe how time flies! They are doing so much! Poor girls right now have thrush..but you wouldn't know it until you saw their mouths. We took them to the Dr the other day to get medicine for their thrush and Makenna weighed 19lbs and Joslen was 18lb 5 oz....They are healthy girls! I have found it really is a small world...Our nurse was actually from Ks. She was from a town called Lincoln, west of Salina, so not far from home. It was weird to hear someone else talk about Abilene..... They are such wonderful little girls! Joslen of course is still my lil high maintenance diva but still really good. They both are "talking" so much and getting into everything!!! Makenna is still pretty laid back but she is the ornery one...Shes so curious and wants to get into whatever she can find! I just smile all day when I am around them. They are so happy and so full of life! I just can't imagine how people can be mean to a child. They are so innocent! Which reminds me, I'm sure all of you have heard about the Kaylee Anthony case they actually live about 30 mins away from so so sad....Anyways, back to the girls....they love anything with soon as music comes on they start dancing...especially Joslen....she starts jumping it's funny....and she loves clapping her hands...we've been doing "patty cake" and so now she loves clapping her hands...The girls love watching us play Crash is my new addiction....its a video game on Playstation 2....I had to share this was too cute! They watch for a little then get down and play with their toys (yes Christa, they are probably too close to the tv but they will be fine!! lol)

I had my first "up close and personal" experience with an alligator the other was exciting but I was a little worried about how fast he could move......He/she let us get pretty close....probably too close but I couldn't help my self....I named it Charlie :) The alligator was out sunning on the bank of a pond in Harmony, the housing development Josh works in.....I saw it and started yelling at Josh telling him to turn around.....he laughed at me and said it was probably a pipe but it was actually a pretty good size gator. We thought maybe it was a mom and had a nest somewhere because she did not move. Josh got within a couple feet of it and still nothing...I on the other hand kept a little distance. I was close enough and I just knew I would fall and that would be the end of me! I think in this photo I was either telling Josh that I couldn't look away cause I was afraid it would eat me or I was asking him again how fast they could run...I'm not for sure which one! It was pretty neat though! They are such ugly things! It's so weird to know that they run (or I guess swim) wild down here......I definitely do not go anywhere near the water! Well, there's not a whole lot else going on...I'm adding a few more pics of the games.....Saturdays are usually a long day....We have to be at the game at least an hour early, normally we get there with the team an hour and a half early.....and the trip to where we play is anywhere from 30-45 mins...we always are away we don't have any home games.....Then we have to wait depending on whether or not the games are "on time".....this past Saturday the games were running about an hour behind so our game that was supposed to start at 4 didn't start till 5 and we didn't get home till about 8 and we had left at 1 to meet everyone making it a LONG day! His team is doing really well though. They were undefeated up until yesterday. They beat this team earlier in the season but lost by 1 touchdown this time. The other team was pretty smart though (or dirty) and took out one of the star players. They went for his knees and hurt his ankle! Welcome to sports! The girls in the pic were getting pretty tired! It was way past nap time and the other is of Jonathan...he's number 65...I hope all is well with everyone! Take care! LOVE!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Work Work all day LONG

Well, exciting news I suppose...I will be starting my job on Monday! Wuhoo! I'm a little nervous.....feels like the first time I ever started working even though I have 3 years of experience...I think its mainly the color line I'm worried about...its COMPLETELY different...oh well always room for new education.....The salon seems okay...definitely not a Mane Thing but hopefully opportunity?!?...we'll see....The girls are getting big as always...Joslen is working on another tooth! she is so FUN when she is teething! :) JUST KIDDING!!!! She's a bear....just wants to be held...doesn't want to go to bed at night....whines whines whines.....but ya gotta love her....Makenna is her usual ball of fire...she's a pistol!...wants to know whats going on everywhere...of course she thinks its fun to aggravate her "sensitive" sister......Lord help me when they get older!!! Besides that no a whole lot else going on....we've got an early morning with Jonathan's game....Bulldogs are 4-0!!!! And that's the excitement for the Hughes!!!......LOVE!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

oooohhhh Florida

While I have a few minutes to myself I decided to sit down and tell everyone a little about Florida...Joshua is at practice with Jonathan and the girls are taking a I have a little "me" time...Florida has been really good....not as bad as I had expected :) The girls are about to be 8 months.....Man how time flies! Makenna is working on her 2 bottom teeth, the very top of them are thru but they're just barely peeking thru her gums, she's finally catching up to her "big sis"....they are going everywhere. Crawling is no longer a milestone, now they are walking around furniture, climbing over my "barricade" into the kitchen, and trying to stand up on their own. It's just amazing how much they learn and do in such little time. They love "real" food....not so much the baby food anymore...which has been good, we just grind up whatever we eat or give them little pieces and they love's a lot cheaper than buying baby food all the time! The girls love being outside. It's been pretty hot out so we haven't gotten to be out a lot during the day
and then at night you have to be careful of the mosquitoes, but we try to get out whenever possible. They got to ride with daddy a lit bit on the mower..It was pretty cute. I was just worried about their poor little skin getting sunburned! We've already experienced that once and I felt horrible!

I finally went job hunting last week. I left my resume at a few different shops and after about an hour of leaving one the owner called me back and asked me if I wanted to come talk to her. The salon is called Hair Mania. I really didn't even have an interview she just asked when I could start working and what hours! I was pretty excited. It's not as big or fancy as the Mane Thing and maybe not as "up to date" but I see a lot of opportunity in the salon! Or I guess I'm hoping!!!! They do use a different color line so I will have to be learning that but new education is never a bad thing! The prices are really similar to where I was before. Right now I'm just waiting on my license to come in. I applied for it and they said it could take up to 30 days, I hoping for less. I plan to go in a few days and observe a little and start learning the new color. I'm praying everything will work out!

I have had a couple of "firsts" down here finally. Me and Josh went out a few weeks ago to a place called Jesse Blacks. It was really fun! They have free Budweiser from 10-1..making it a pretty cheap "date"...Pretty much every song has a line dance to it so it's not really a whole lot of couples dancing but everyone doing the line dance. I did go out and learn a few new ones...I felt like pretty hot stuff LOL! Although I was sadly disappointed when the one line dance I did know "copperhead road" came on, I ran out to the dance floor only to learn that the FL version is a different than the KS version. So I just went to the side and did my own little line dance! On our way home I saw my first "Trail Chick"...(a hooker on Orange Blossom Trail aka OBT)..pretty interesting! I also got to see my first "hog" a couple of nights ago. We went out to the canal with Chester one of Josh's friends and a couple of guys stopped by with a boar-hog....seeing if anyone wanted any meat off it...I guess boar-hogs aren't good eatin...He didn't have big "tusks" like I want to see but it was still my first sighting! Lets see...what else have I experienced.....I did get my first fire ant bite yesterday...those little suckers are vicious! I have 2 big bites on my foot. We also found a scorpion crawling down our porch umbrella a couple of days ago...That was scary! Still no snakes, THANK GOODNESS!!...When we were down in July we did go down to Lake Gentry and I saw my first "wild" alligator there...You shine a flashlight out on the water and all u see is red was pretty cool..but needless to say I stayed far from the waters edge! I am still trying to learn my way around. Its I-70 here but I am slowly starting to figure it out. We go to "Winn Dixie" and "Publix" for groceries...And our favorite restaurant is "Koffee Kup"......Publix also makes a really good sub! Everything is different but we are adjusting! Saturdays consist of going to cheer on the Bulldogs (Jonathan's team) and playing Yahtzee! Oh, and u pay tolls everywhere on the freeway! 50 cents to get on here and another 50 cents here! Its crazy! But I'm learning! Well, I best be going..time for supper and cutting my mother in laws hair! They are definitely enjoying have a stylist in the house! Sorry Chris and Mom!! :) Hope all is well! LOVE!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Okay....So now that I have a minute to sit down I can explain to everyone what happened....Joslen (actually all of us) started getting sick when we were getting ready to leave for Florida. We had planned on stopping to get a motel but the girls were sleeping so Josh decided to keep driving. When Joslen woke up she had a horrible cough and was breathing really hard....We were in the middle of nowhere so couldn't stop to take her to the doc. As the day went on she got better...we finally made it to Florida around 6pm Wednesday (we left at 2pm Tuesday).....we said our hellos ate and as bedtime came she started getting worse...her breathing was really bad and I decided that she probably wouldn't be able to sleep breathing like that and I definitely wouldn't be sleeping with her like that so around 11 we took her to the ER in Saint Cloud. They took her temp, gave her an IV, gave her some steroids, breathing treatments, took x rays, and by 2 there really wasn't a change in her condition.....St. Cloud I guess doesn't do pediatrics so they said they would be transferring her to Arnold Palmer in Orlando and they would be their team down to get her. Around 3:30am "the team" arrived they strapped her in and away we went in our first ambulance ride. Still going on the 3 hours of sleep from the drive down!! They admitted her did pretty much everything they did at the other hospital gave her a diagnosis of Croup but decided she should stay so they could run some test. She has always had a raspy cough and they wanted to make sure something hadn't been overlooked...Better safe than sorry...So one more night in the hospital...we were released FINALLY late the next afternoon and now have to give her breathing treatments in the morning and night for a couple of weeks....It wasn't exactly the welcome we were hoping for but I'm glad she's okay...Poor Makenna also got the croup, she finally got over it yesterday....they still are fighting the bad cough but are pretty much back to our "normal" girls again....I'm still fighting this cold, Josh still has a cough, but hopefully soon we will all be healthy again!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Welcome to FL!

So quick note....Not a lot of time, have to leave in a few for Jonathans football game....but we made it here safe and sound...Although our welcome was not what we expected....tornado warnings and 2 days in the hospital with Joslen....She is doing fine now...more when we get home and settled!!.....LOVE!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and We're off!

Well, we are finally headed to Florida! The uhaul got packed to the top along with the back of the trailblazer (finally done at 11pm) and we will be off in the soon as we wake up! We are hoping the trip will be "not to bad".....but with 2 sick kids, a sick man, a sick mom and 1400 miles ahead of us......the trip will be interesting. We'll drive 12 hours tomorrow stop in Nashville and get a hotel and then drive another 12 to our new home. This weather change has really taken a toll on us. Makenna doesn't seem to be doing to bad but the rest of us have runny noses, stuffy heads, and a cough....NOT FUN! The 85 degree weather I will have to say will be nice instead of the 50 degree weather overnight we got here! But we'll have to watch out for the hurricanes! So wish us luck and safe driving....hopefully not too much rain from Ike on our way down. See everyone at Christmas......We will miss everyone and can't wait to get back up here! Take care!!!!! Keep in Touch!!!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

leaving...on a jet plane........okay maybe in a trailblazer

Well, It's official! Josh is coming up the 4th to come get us girls and we'll be loading up and leaving that monday or tuesday.....Wish us luck!!