Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sgetti! Helping number 3!! Better start saving for groceries now!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Tis the Fair season (3 months late)

Well, I had started this blog back in AUGUST. Yes, you can say it. I suck. So my goal is to finish this dang post. NOW. Now that's its been 3 goes...

(start of original post)
The hubby is outside with his brother and the kids cleaning squirrels so I have a MOMENT of blog time. My original intent was to post about Hunters first birthday and then I remember sister has my portable hard drive with all my pictures so that post with just have to wait until later. Yes Tiffany, I said squirrels. My husband is a squirrel killer. Squirrel is an awkward word to spell. Off track back to blog. Tis the fair season. Well, was fair season. It is officially over but fair week is what got me off track on my good blog habits. No we don't have kids in 4-H or really DO anything with the fair. We just go to it. But it was one BUUUUSY week I tell ya. I posted here that I had to get supper ready so our fair adventures could begin. I was making fried chicken for the first (maybe second) time ever.

If I can toot my own horn (again) it was pretty darn good!

We finished supper and headed to ride rides. We chose Wednesday as it had rained early that day so it was a little cooler, the fair was just starting up, and really it was the only day we could do it, in hopes that there wouldn't be very many people. We lucked out. It turned out to be a perfect night for rides. There were NO lines and very few people. Just our style! The kids ran around like crazy going from ride to ride.

Joslen was too little to ride by herself! Thanks Aunt Christa! 

One of the last rides they decided to go on was the BIG slide. We thought this was the safest one! Boy were we wrong! Kenna did a major wipe out. On one of the "humps" she went sideways and landed face first bouncing it off the slide. I was afraid she was gonna have a concussion! She was tough and went on one more ride and then she was DONE. Poor girl. All of the kids ended up with "burns" like this from that dang slide but Kenna's were the worst.

was the good ol' Abilene parade. We got lots of candy and had a nice picnic supper in the park after.

Hunter wasn't quite sure. 

we went to the rodeo. The kids got bored. It doesn't seem to be as good as it used to be. We're thinking we might just do the Longford rodeo from now on.

a little air guitar

We went out with sister in law ( D )and her boyfriend (J ) and shot skeet. I hit one out of like 50 (okay maybe more like 15) but in my defense it was a big stinkin shot gun! They have some major kick to them! I prefer a rifle, with a scope, that doesn't hurt after you shoot it. The girls wanted to shoot too so J got out a 22 (I think) and let them learn. They had lots of fun. It started raining a little bit so we headed home and back to the rodeo that evening.

We had a birthday party. The kids had a blast. Our plan was to head to the demo derby that night but we were ALL exhausted and decided to stay home. I've heard it's a good thing we did as they said sunday night demo was HORRIBLE.

We went to the combine derby. Yes, combine derby. Welcome to Kansas!

We went to the car demo derby.

Hunter was THOROUGHLY impressed! 

Phew. It's done! That was our week in a nutshell. Makes me tired just typing about it again. Oh these pictures below...let me explain a little bit. Remember up there ^ I said it was a "big stinkin shot gun" that we were using? Yep, that's a bruise from it. Apparently I wasn't holding the gun as correctly as I thought. 

 Oh and somewhere in the mix of everything I had a good hair day. So I thought I'd share! Loves!