Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Well today is better.....I'm sorry for all of you that read my angry words last night! I was on roll.....just one of those days...and I could no longer sit and let it brew inside....I know I have many people that will listen but it gets old for me to keep throwing my pity party so I can only imagine how old it gets for others to listen to my sad story about my husband being gone....I'm not the first and I won't be the last.....and a lot of the times it's "out of sight, out of mind" if I don't sit there and dwell on how sad I am and tell people how much of a struggle it really is every day...I tend to deal with it better....but it's easier to throw my pity party on here! You only CHOOSE to read this so if you listen (read) my angry words that's your fault lol :) I don't think I'm the only person....I donno maybe I am...but sometimes it helps to just get words out.....a lot of times I'll take a piece of paper out and write down everything I want to say to someone....then I'll take the paper rip it up and throw it away....they are generally words of anger that I REALLY don't wanna tell someone but I need to get out.....weird?...oh well...aren't we all?!.....well....I had planned on going to bed early but once again it is 11:50pm..weird same time as last night lol....maybe this is the beginning of a habit?!?! How many days do they say you have to repeat something until its a habit?? uh oh bloggers watch out Lenise is on a 2 night roll!!!! :) We shall see!!!.....OH..important info!..Josh finally messaged me...he had guard duty and didn't wake up early enough to call me before I would have been in he's SAFE and SOUND!....I know I should stop thinking of all the bad things that COULD of happened when I haven't talked to him when I'm supposed to but that is really really really really hard...anyhow that goes back to my "i hates" from last night...and we won't go down that road least not tonight! :) Hope every one is well...LOVE!

P.S.....just wanted to add a few pics of Joshua...looks like lots of fun over there doesn't it???!!

This last photo is a "Where's Waldo?" only...."where's Joshua?"...I told him he was crazy for going in the middle of those people...see if you can find him!

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Mrs. E said...

It is easy for me to forget what life is like for our soldiers. I'm glad you remind me...with photos and worries. I'll pray your Josh is safe!