Friday, June 29, 2012

sweet summertime

As promised the lake trip. Hubby loves to be outdoors. I think his dream is to be one of those mountain men that lives in the middle of no where and lives off the land. I tell him he'd be an awful lonely mountain man cause this lady is not a mountain woman! I've acquired I am starting to acquire the same love for the outdoors. Ok, maybe not the same love, but I am enjoying some of the outdoor things that I really didn't grow up doing. Like fishing. If we ever win the lottery I can count on having a room of nothing but fishing junk stuff. Oh and we must not forget hunting. Hubby is also an avid hunter. If he could hunt and fish for a living he'd be in HEAVEN! It's like that song "if I could make a living out of loving you, I'd be a millionare in a week or two, I'd be doing what I love and loving what I do, if I could make a living out of loving you" Only his would be something like "If I could make a living out of loving fishing and hunting"......It's something that when we first started dating really kind of annoyed me. It took MY time away, but as we get further into our relationship it's something I've learned to love and respect about him. I love to see the passion he has for it. Passion is something a lot of people lose in their lives. And seeing his face light up when he's doing what he loves warms my heart. I've learned to enjoy the time I get to spend with him doing something he loves. It's something that I love seeing carried on down to my children. Seeing him spend the time and effort to teach the girls (and soon son) all about his passion makes my heart happy. I know they will one day have passion for what their daddy taught them growing up. They will look back and have great memories of time spent close to him. As weird as it might sound it also makes me feel safe. I love that if ever need be (God forbid) we had to provide food for ourselves, we could. Crazy I know but it just gives me some weird sense of security. Anyhow, that got a little more deep then I intended but the words just started spilling out. Maybe it was because I had a "moment" today when I realized once again MY dad is no longer here. I think thats another reason why I just love seeing hubby teaching the girls things. Life is WAY too short and you never ever know when God will call you home. I can rest easy knowing the girls would be well taken care of if something ever happened to me. I also know that if something ever happened to hubby the girls are making memories right now that they will forever remember.

We started off here. At the Gathering Pond. Hubby was highly dissapointed. With all these crazy zebra mussles everywhere there are new restrictions on what you can fish with. Such as you can no longer fish with live bait here! Hubby was so excited he went and got his minnows and couldn't wait to get a fish for the girls and then as we passed the booth a guy came out and showed us a flyer saying Josh's poor minnows were not allowed. Bummer. So we fished with good ol' worms. YUCK! I hate worms. I make ask the girls or Josh the get the worms out for me. Yes I said girls. They don't mind the nasty little creatures.
We didn't have much luck here so we decided to move to a different spot. This is what the rest of my evening looked like.

It was pretty beautiful. You just can't beat a good ol' Kansas sunset!

The girls had a BLAST! The wanted to do everything themselves! And pretty close to every 2 minutes you would hear "I think I got a fish, should I reel it in" or "My bobber moved I need to reel my pole in". I think they have their mama's patience! I'm sure it was pure excitment! :)

My dear sweet son was such a good boy! It was still extremely hot out and he barely fussed at all. We packed sandwich stuff and chips so the food kept him pretty content for a while. Uncle Goggin (girls language for hubbys brother Jonathan) was a big help and held him when he started to get tired of sitting in that dang car seat.

I had told Josh about 5 mintues prior that I was getting tired of nothing even hitting on our poles. We'd be there a couple hours and I was getting bored! He had crossed over my line so he was reeling in my pole when his bobber started to go under! He handed me my pole and his other pole and started to pull in the fish. Not 10 seconds after he handed me the pole it started going crazy too! All this waiting and we had 2 fish! FINALLY! Hubby must not of trusted me with his dear fish because he reeled the one fish in real quick and then took the pole away from me and reeled in the second one. I sure thought I was doing a good job but hubby seemed to think I might lose it! Me?! Never! Anyhow these are the 2 beauts we ended up with. Twins were super excited that we were gonna be able to eat supper now! Even though we had already eaten! Hubby was happy!

He ended up throwing them back. Something about he didn't "feel" like cleaning ONLY 2 fish. What?! We just fished for how many hours, finally got 2 and you threw them back?!
Did I mention the sunset was beautiful?! LOVE!

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