Wednesday, August 1, 2012

There goes!

Life once again is getting in the way of my blogging. Darn life. Such is life?! I can't complain. My life is blessed so the less time I've been on the computer means the MORE time I've been spending it soaking up my family. We've been pretty boring this last week or so. The previous post of pictures I tried for 4 days to get on. For some reason my phone wouldn't sent it. Weird. But it's on there now! I took the girls to their first "real" movie in an actual movie theater that day. Yes my children are sheltered and deprived. I'm over it. Honestly the only reason we went was because it was FREE. Yep, good ol' JC plays "older" movies thru the summer every thursday I believe. Anyway, we went to see Dolphin Tale. The girls seemed to like it but got pretty restless. More reason why I'm over the fact that they are sheltered and deprived. Spending a ridiculous amount of money to watch a movie with my 4 year olds just isn't my favorite pass time. I'd rather wait a year 3 months to watch it from the comforts of my home for a $1 from Redbox or on Netflix any day. Just saying. For those of you movies goers sorry not bashing you, more power to ya! :) Don't get me wrong I LOVE a good bucket of movie theater popcorn, just not with my 4 year olds,or very often. Notice I  said bucket of popcorn....once a year movie is good for me, my pocket, and my health! :) This is what a few of our days have been. Celebrating sisters hubby's birthday at the "mesican" restaurant, making lots of flower bows to get ready for Labor Day, and nice "swing" after a family meal at Mr. K's. Long time family friends Dave and Bonnie met us there. I haven't seen them in years (literally) and it was nice to catch up. They are EXACTLY the same as I've always remembered them. Sweet as can be! Great mentors and I hope one day someone will think the same as my hubby and I as I think of them! Good Christian people. Speaking of which, anyone eating Chic-fil-a today? We don't have one close.

My last picture is a few months old but I haven't gotten a chance to blog about it. So it gets thrown in here.

Can you tell what it is?! Besides a spider smarty pants!! I made the picture extra large so it would maybe be a little easier to see. Yes folks, that a BROWN RECLUSE. I hate (the girls are learning hate is not a nice word to use) highly dislike spiders to begin with, let alone one that will try to eat me. Yes, I'm dramatic. I sat next to this thing for like 5 mins. It was stuck in my muffin pan in the stair way. Our make shift storage for some of our "crap". I was so proud of myself for being calm and simply screaming  telling Josh there was a spider he needed to come kill. It was only till he started looking at it did I think I was gonna hyperventilate. BROWN RECLUSE?! WHAT?! YOU'RE LYING! NO WAY! THAT THING COULD HAVE EATEN ME AND I WAS JUST CHILLIN BESIDE IT!?!?!
It didn't try to eat either one of us and yes that's an EMPTY egg sac next to it which means theres more. But this one joined spider heaven via toilet. Thank goodness!!

Well friends. Tis the season. Fair season that is. So we need to get showers and supper started so its ready when hubby gets home so we can eat and head out the door. The girls are going to ride their first ever carnival rides. (yes, my children are sheltered and deprived) We bought wrist bands for them so we are going to ride rides from 7pm-10pm to get every last cents worth out of it. I've already warned Joslen she IS riding, whether she likes it or not. (last year we had huge fits because we DIDN'T ride rides) Does that make me a bad mom? Hmm, questionable but the dang things were $18! Holy bejeezes! Parade tomorrow, rodeo Friday, and demo Sunday. Yep, we're a little redneck. This is just our style! :) Pictures to come, thats if I remember! Happy Hump Day! Love!!

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