Wednesday, July 29, 2009

failed again....

okay okay YES once again I had promised to "try" and keep this up to date and once again I have 4 lonely followers are probably wondering why they decicded to follow me now! he he he! Sorry guys.....I won't "promise" once again that I will keep this up but hopefully when I get back to Florida I can stay on top of just seems so cramped some's very weird..seems like time is going by so slow and I haven nothing to keep me busy...but then when I look at things like these I say to myself "where has the time gone?" hmmm.......but I do have lots to share. My last blog was before Josh came home on leave and lots has happened since then....our week of "heaven" with our family "complete" even if it was just a week.....his goodbye......our trip to ks and now a month of ks! lots to say and lots of pictures.....I hate trying to upload pics on my moms's so slow so pics won't be up until I get back to florida...although at this point I'm wondering if I should just stay in KS! I forgot how great it is being "HOME"....funny, growing up I swore I would never come back to this place where everyone knew my business and now it's hard to go to a place that no one cares about your business.....which i suppose is one knows me, no one knows my past, no pre-judgement....just me now....sometimes ya feel so.....hmm...lost i suppose....lost in the numbers...just another body walking around....driving to working...getting gas...buying groceries.....I often miss being able to "run into" someone when I go to the store....grass is always greener on the other side??? sometimes you just wanna go where everybody knows your name....LOVE!!!


Alicia said...

I was thinking about suggestions for how to get to know people so you do run into people and have a support group in your new home... I've lived in New York a little over a year now, and surprisingly enough, we run into people we know often. A couple weeks ago, we were walking the Brooklyn Bridge and boom, ran into a friend. Which is odd... considering it's the Brooklyn Bridge in prime tourist season... Soooo, my sister-in-law takes our nephew to educational play groups. She also knows parents through parenting groups. These were found on-line... Through Yahoo groups. But you might also check things like (not sure if they have kids groups on there... I joined a book club I found there to help meet people) or just ask any parents you might know.

I'm sure it's wonderful being home, especially since your husband is gone and at home, you are surrounded by so many of your favorite people.

Ooo and don't worry about the time between updates... You're a momma with two little girls to take care of!! We understand :)

Mrs. E said...

Alicia's right! I know how busy, busy you have to be with your girls! I've thought of you recovering from your surgery and home for a bit.

The only other thing I can offer is take advantage of what the military does to bring you wives together. If they have free activities--try to take the girls and go. You'll make some wonderful memories with them and have a chance to meet other moms or even just a young wife who would love to get to know your girls, too!

I look forward to your updates, but I can imagine your hands are usually more than a little full!!