Tuesday, June 16, 2009

isn't it grand!

Well got a wonderful phone call today...Josh called once again with "amazing news" from the army.....I have learned very quickly that news is generally not amazing at all when it comes from the army!!!!!!!! Josh was called back in January from inactive status......he was given orders saying he COULD NOT be recalled for more than 400 days....so he left Feb 22 which puts his 400 roughly around March 2010....we have been told up until this point that his orders COULD NOT be extended..400 days was it! They even were talking about bringing the IRR guys (ones like josh) home early so it didn't go past 400 days.....well guess what!!!! THE ARMY LIED AGAIN! They were told what is "possibly" going to happen is that the National Guard unit they are attached to will be extended and since they are attached they are extended right along with the unit.....his deployment now was supposed to be 9 months......the new orders say they can be extended until the END of 2010.....if this happens their 9 month deployment now becomes 18 MONTHS!!!!!!! Putting him home roughly January of 2011!!! 2011!!!! Isn't that ridiculous!!! I keep praying and hoping this does not happen....If it does it means he will be gone almost 2 years total since he left back in Feb......All I can think about is that the girls will be 3 at that time...talking..doing all kinds of things and he will miss out on it all....9 months I could handle but 18?!?!?!?! How do I deal with that?!? Thats DOUBLE what it was supposed to be....and heres the fun part...army always has a "fun part" with everything!! We may not know that he will be extended until the last month he is over there...or it could be now...in 2 months..6 months...when ever they feel the need to inform us that our husbands will be stuck in HELL for 9 more months...so we could be planning on him being home and the night before they say NOPE nevermind he's staying....Isn't that some BS!!!!! It just really angers me! Why do we need troops over there for 18 months?!?! The army CLAIMS to be sooo family friendly but how is that taking care of a family?! Why can't they go over for like 9-10 months then send new ppl?!?! I guarantee you would have MUCH happier people all around....It's just dumb dumb dumb....I don't understand it but what do you do? Sit here and wait I guess.........and pray.........well on a brighter not...1 1/2 days and he will be home for leave........can't wait! LOVE


Alicia said...

sounds exactly right... and completely blows. how long does he get to stay home for before he leaves? (not long enough, I'm sure!) i could never be an army wife... i just wouldn't be able to do what you are doing!

take lots of pictures of your sweet girls. do you have a video camera or a way of taking short videos with the digital camera, because even though it's not going to be the real moment for him, it'll be a way for your husband to share and see his girls grow. also, if you take short videos with your camera, they can be easily uploaded to your blog for him to follow while he's away. (if/when he gets access to internet)

Kate said...

I am so sorry! That really does stink! Just know that there will a lot of Kansas folk sending up prayers that he is able to come home sooner than that!