Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mommy, I just want to be like you

This morning I told myself I was doing NO cleaning and I was gonna blog all day long. Then I woke up! Ha! So I did my morning clean and now I'm blogging as long as my children will allow the rest of the day. The girls are outside with Uncle Goggin (I think...or hope..eek maybe I need to check..Uncle Goggin confirmed..I'm a good mom I promise)  and Hunter is destroying the living room like always. I keep telling myself I need to keep the blog up. It's more for me then you really. *GASP* Yes, sorry to burst your bubble but I do this mostly for me. I just got done looking at all my old pictures and since I suck at printing pictures now I want some sort of "proof" of what my life consists of. One day I'll be able to look back and say "oh remember that!?" or "what the heck was I thinking?!" any rate I like the documentation of our lives. I'm glad we cleared that up. So my hope is to have a few different posts today. To get semi caught up and check off some of my list of "blog posts to be"....yes I have a list. Don't judge. Without further a do (a dew?? you know what I mean) ....

"mommy I just want to be like you"...those words just melt your heart don't they. They are super sweet....until you "do" hair for a living, have recently chopped 10ish inches off your hair and your daughters are saying "mommy we just want to be like you" after showing you they have CHOPPED THEIR OWN HAIR. Well played daughters, well played.

 Ok I'm back. Oh, you didn't know I left? Yep I've been gone for about an hour now. My children decided they needed to eat, imagine that! :) Ok, lunch done and cleaned up back to blog.

So my girls had been playing oh so sweetly all day I thought and it wasn't until later that night did I even realize they had really been playing Edward Scissorhands. We were getting ready to leave and I went to put Joslen's hair up and as she tossed her hair around she said "look momma, isn't my hair beeeeeautiful?" jaw dropped. Kenna walked in at that moment and said "mom, please don't make us look like boys." Joslen must of known she was in trouble because her next line was "momma, we just want to look like you!"....

See their LONG hair?! It had FINALLY grown out. I tried to explain to them that the mullet is NOT in style, and I am definitely NOT bringing it back. I haven't kept their hair short by choice. It has just never grown! You know those little girls will long flowing hair down the middle of their backs? The ones I was sure my precious girls were gonna be? Yeah, so not my girls. They didn't really even have hair until they were almost 3. Really. I promise. I'm not lying. This was their 2nd birthday. 

See! No hair! 

3rd birthday, finally some hair! 

Anyhow. So off to the salon the next day we went. They were pretty concerned they were gonna end up with boy haircuts. 

Joslen Before

Kenna Before 

Joslen After
Kenna After 

As you can tell they were SUPER UNHAPPY with their haircuts. (the italics was my attempt at expressing sarcasm). The words out of their mouths when we were done?

Mommy, we look just like you! 

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Casie said...

Oh Lenise! --- How could you be mad at those faces??? they are too cute for words!!! And their haircuts... Presh... just Presh!