Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sad day in the Hughes household...the dog I wrote about the husband bringing home a few weeks ago got hit on the road today. :( I'm not sure why but I'm having a pretty hard time with it. I've never been a huge animal lover. I like animals but I don't let them eat after me. I don't like them in the house. I don't buy special treats for them. But I LIKE and sometimes even maybe love some animals. We had only had Bo Duke for a few weeks but I was exited for him to be our first "family" dog. I was holding it together pretty well after it happened until I was getting ready to leave for work (it happened like 30 mins before I had to leave) and I picked Joslen up to give her a kiss. She was on the verge of crying again (she had been early) and I said "it's okay to be sad honey" she hugged me close and with chin quivering she said "he's in heaven now with papa Dennis" and I lost it...tears
steaming down my face I said "that's right honey, papa Dennis has a new friend! He's up there with him now" J- "he's with papa Dennis and I miss them both" Me- "i know sweetie me too, you can miss them, that's okay, but they have each other now" J- "he's gonna be in my heart now too with papa Dennis".....needless to say I had a rough ride to work. All dogs go to heaven right?!?

Rip Bo Duke. I hope you found my dad. He'll take good care of you!

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Casie said...

TEAR!!!!!!!!!! ahhh Joslen... what a sweet sweet girl. Lenise, I probably sound like a broken record but you are a fantastic mom. Sounds like you handled that the best way anyone could! RIP papa Dennis and BoDuke!