Friday, October 19, 2012

Staying alive

Yep, I'm still alive. Still surviving. Still breathing (half way, this dang cold is complicating that). Still not doing very good at keeping blogland updated. I just had to go back and read my blog to see what all I had blogged about so I didn't blog about the same thing. Fail. Kids are eating lunch and I'm on strike today. Not really but it sounds good. Being JUST a stay at home mom (I do work part time also) is a lot of work. And the home just doesn't have time for me to lay around and do nothing. Although today I'm trying to do just that. A cold is trying to invade my body and I'm doing my best to keep it out. I'm failing so far but thought maybe an extra dose of rest today might get me a step ahead. I'm in pajama pants a tshirt and have yet to brush my hair. Leftovers are on the menu for supper tonight. Don't call SRS just yet, yes I will be some what taking care of my kids and picking up after them but I've decided everything else on my to-do list can just wait. Although as I was sitting on the couch all I could think about was what was on my to-do list and what I needed to add to it...such is the life of JUST a stay at home mom. And no, I'm not complaining. I L O V E every second that I get to spend with my children being at home, but shouldn't every single one of us be entitled to a "pjs on the couch doing nothing" type of day?! Yep, I agree. Anyhow I figured it would be a great time to do some blogging. Finding time to sit and blog is getting harder and harder as we near the holiday months...Or maybe just harder as life seems to be going at warp speed. Sept and October has been full of fun! There's so much that I haven't gotten around to blogging about.

This was at the Longford rodeo. These 2 are trouble! 

This was at a friends shrimp boil party. It was yuuuummy!

I went on a "girls night out" to On the Pot. It's a pottery place. We chose what we wanted to make, painted it, and then they fired and glazed it. I was pretty happy with the way it turned out! It's food safe!

My boss (and very good friend) asked us to go to the pumpkin patch with them. They have friends down near Great Bend that own one. I didn't want to drive the almost 2 hours by myself (Josh's weekend to work) with 3 kids so they offered to take us! Another couple and their kids that are friends went with us also. It was really cold, and a little wet, but the kids had lots of fun! I was so thankful they offered to take us!

 Hunter has been fighting a cold for a while now. I took him to the dr. and they basically said "sorry about your luck"...This was one of the first couple of days he got sick. :( I felt so bad for my little bub. He would wake up and his eyes would be crusted shut. He's better now. Just a runny nose and a little bit of a cough. Still not 100%  though.

A close friend of ours was the flower girl in a wedding so I did her "updo" for her at the house. I thought it turned out pretty cute and I even whipped out a cute little bow to go with the wedding colors.

A few days ago we had some "severe weather". It didn't amount to much more than some wind, rain, and a little hail for us but it made for a BEAUTIFUL sky! 

 This week has been pretty busy for us. My father in law came in monday (the 15th) to surprise my mother in law. Mom H. has been here working for about 8 months now. She looked for work down in florida and couldn't find anything when a job came available here. She decided to take it and we're hoping this is our first step in getting the parents to move here FOR GOOD. Dad H. was supposed to get in at 10:30am to manhattan ks, we were picking him up, running to the mall, then bringing him back to JC to surprise Mom H. at 1:30 then they were headed to the hotel to spend some time together. As I was walking out the door (3 kids already loaded and buckled) I get a call saying he has missed his flight to manhattan. And so began the adventure! He ended up getting a flight to KC because the soonest flight into manhattan wasn't until like 9pm.  So we loaded everyone in my sister in laws car and headed to KC. It made for a long day (we finally got back around 5pm) but it was so worth it. The ride up there gave me some time to take some pictures. I LOVE fall. The trees are so beautiful!

Jonathan and I bored on the way home
On the way there!
The girls are really enjoying having "poppie" here. They keep asking him when he's going to buy a house close to us! We hope SOON!

Well, I think that's all for now. So to end here's a couple of random pictures that make me smile! LOVE! 

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Casie said...

im having a hard time blogging lately too... So i'm going to follow your lead and let everyone know how it's going through pics.
Loved all of them!