Tuesday, September 9, 2008

and We're off!

Well, we are finally headed to Florida! The uhaul got packed to the top along with the back of the trailblazer (finally done at 11pm) and we will be off in the morning...as soon as we wake up! We are hoping the trip will be "not to bad".....but with 2 sick kids, a sick man, a sick mom and 1400 miles ahead of us......the trip will be interesting. We'll drive 12 hours tomorrow stop in Nashville and get a hotel and then drive another 12 to our new home. This weather change has really taken a toll on us. Makenna doesn't seem to be doing to bad but the rest of us have runny noses, stuffy heads, and a cough....NOT FUN! The 85 degree weather I will have to say will be nice instead of the 50 degree weather overnight we got here! But we'll have to watch out for the hurricanes! So wish us luck and safe driving....hopefully not too much rain from Ike on our way down. See everyone at Christmas......We will miss everyone and can't wait to get back up here! Take care!!!!! Keep in Touch!!!

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