Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Okay....So now that I have a minute to sit down I can explain to everyone what happened....Joslen (actually all of us) started getting sick when we were getting ready to leave for Florida. We had planned on stopping to get a motel but the girls were sleeping so Josh decided to keep driving. When Joslen woke up she had a horrible cough and was breathing really hard....We were in the middle of nowhere so couldn't stop to take her to the doc. As the day went on she got better...we finally made it to Florida around 6pm Wednesday (we left at 2pm Tuesday).....we said our hellos ate and as bedtime came she started getting worse...her breathing was really bad and I decided that she probably wouldn't be able to sleep breathing like that and I definitely wouldn't be sleeping with her like that so around 11 we took her to the ER in Saint Cloud. They took her temp, gave her an IV, gave her some steroids, breathing treatments, took x rays, and by 2 there really wasn't a change in her condition.....St. Cloud I guess doesn't do pediatrics so they said they would be transferring her to Arnold Palmer in Orlando and they would be their team down to get her. Around 3:30am "the team" arrived they strapped her in and away we went in our first ambulance ride. Still going on the 3 hours of sleep from the drive down!! They admitted her did pretty much everything they did at the other hospital gave her a diagnosis of Croup but decided she should stay so they could run some test. She has always had a raspy cough and they wanted to make sure something hadn't been overlooked...Better safe than sorry...So one more night in the hospital...we were released FINALLY late the next afternoon and now have to give her breathing treatments in the morning and night for a couple of weeks....It wasn't exactly the welcome we were hoping for but I'm glad she's okay...Poor Makenna also got the croup, she finally got over it yesterday....they still are fighting the bad cough but are pretty much back to our "normal" girls again....I'm still fighting this cold, Josh still has a cough, but hopefully soon we will all be healthy again!!

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