Monday, June 15, 2009

just living

Tonight I decided I better post pics of the girls....they are growing soooo fast! Sometimes I just look at them and can't believe they are mine!!! TWINS! Never would have dreamed it in a million years!!! They are my world though and I can't imagine it with out both of them in it! They are now almost 17 months and sometimes I think they act like they are 17! They sure have developed personalities as they have gotten older! They do something new's amazing to watch them grow.....I just sit and watch them and laugh......Miss Joslen here definitely has her own little attitude going on! LOL....hard to admit but I'm gonna have to say she is just like her mamma....I'm told I gave a pretty good "evil eye" when I was younger
and Joslen has that down pat! You tell her no, she walks over picks something up and throws it and does this little "ugh" yell.....or she smacks your hand or herself! Lord help me!!! She is so funny though...a little comedian...she does something bad looks and you says "uh oh" then wrinkles her nose up and starts laughing...she loves comes on and she starts stomping her feet and clapping her hands......if you have ever seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (one of their favorites!!) they say "oooohhh toodles" on it....she repeats it and it is hilarious! she now has 12 teeth and 2 coming in! She eats soo much....some nights I honestly believe she eats more than I do!!! She is up to 24lbs now....she pretty petite though....she is so much fun...even with her attitude! Sometimes I say she should have been an only child! LOL

And Miss Makenna...she is my "good" girl....she is SUCH a big help can ask her to go get anything or pick something up and she shakes her head "yes" and walks over and does what you ask...she will help pick up toys....she is definitely going to be "mommy's helper"...I can tell already she likes helping and she's a lot like daddy. She's much more laid back...just go with the flow...although every now and then she throws a little fit and shows her attitude....she "talks" a lot more than Joslen....she just starts jabbering gets her face and hands going like she's telling you this intense story! I love listening to her...her favorite word right now is "hi"'s so cute! and everything is a "cah" right now...not sure if it's "cow" or "cat" sometimes it seems like she will add the "t" sound when she sees the cat outside..maybe its just me :) they both also say "beby"....her signature move though is trying to hide her smile....she turns her head and puckers her lips so she won't's hilarious! she doesn't have quite as many teeth as Joslen does....last I was ABLE to check she had 10 and a couple coming in...she puts up a big fight to look at them so I have given up! She is also a good eater....neither one of them are very thing she really loves though is ketchup! LOL she will eat plain ketchup with a fork! what is it with that and kids? I'd probably be in trouble with WIC if they knew I gave them ketchup but OH WELL!! She loves it...that and ranch dressing...I was eating pizza one day with ranch on my plate and she stuck her hand in it and ate it...she LOVED it....:) She is still a pound ahead of Joslen at 25 lbs...seems to be since birth it's always been 1 lb! Joslen has more of my short smaller genes and Kenna has Joshua's bigger taller genes...I can't wait to see what happens when they get older! They have really started in be aware of each other also....They look for each other if separated ...they hug each other...fight with each other! Kenna thinks it's funny to take things from Joslen to make her cry...shes an aggravater just like her daddy!! but they both are such wonderful girls.....I have been so blessed and lucky....I couldn't ask for better kids! It makes it a little easier having help too! Josh's mom Viv helps out so much! She's a life saver...I think it's only because of her that I have stayed sane! I just can't believe how fast they grow up! Well I best be going to bed.....midnight 30 AGAIN! Oh and 2 1/2 days and Josh will be here! WUHOOO!!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

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Mrs. E said...

They are adorable!! Isn't it funny that for twins they can act so differently? I was trying to see if I could tell them apart by looks, but I don't think so. Love the little overall skirts!!