Monday, August 20, 2012

Back on the blogland bandwagon!

6:41 am. I've been up now for precisely 1 hour and 41, now 42 minutes. My alarm will go off in 1 hour and 18 oops 17 minutes. What's the big deal you say?!? I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! 5 am! 5 am! That's what time I woke up this morning. I still have 3 more hours that I could be blissfully floating in dreamland before I'd hear the alarm and hit snooze for the next 30 possibly 45 minutes before I start my day! I start working at 10am for a reason! I don't like being up at 5am. Oh I have those moments where I say I'm going to start getting up "early" and get a jump start on the day. Those "moments" usually consist of me getting up at 7:30 (ish) for 2 or 3 days and then I remember...I am not a morning person and I conveniently "forget" to set my alarm or I just shut it off and I'm back to my 8:30 (ish) schedule. Hey 8:30 is good. It's a lot better than 10 or 10:30 that I could very easily sleep until. The poor hubs (bless his little heart) gets up at 4:30 on the days he works. We decided 10am wake up for the kids and I just wasn't conducive when we (the kids and I) didn't want to go to bed until 11 and he wanted to crash at 8. So we compromised. He said 6:30. I agreed or maybe just decided 8:30 was better. For "us" that is. Speaking of kids those little beauties are what have me up at 5am. Oh not "them" literally, they aren't morning people either. All of them would sleep till 9:30 or 10 if I'd let them (sometimes I do so I can get a nice QUIET shower in) but today is a VERY big day for all of us! Mr. Hunter is officially on his first FULL day of being ONE! Yesterday was my sweet little boys FIRST birthday! Holy bejeezes where did this last year go?!? Hunters one year blog is on my mental file list. That list is getting pretty long. Maybe if I'd stop taking 19 days off I wouldn't have so much catching up to do! Oh well! And my beautiful little 4 year old twins are going to their first day of preschool!!! This is a HUGE deal for me! My girls have never been to daycare and never been out of my (or my family's) care. Ever. After a very early lunch for us (we usually don't eat until 12:30 and they start school at 12:30 now) I will get them dressed and walk them out to a bus!! Holy crap my babies are going to be on a bus. With other little kids. They better be VERY nice little kids. And on the way home with BIG kids! They better be VERY nice big kids! And then I will kiss them goodbye and take pictures and wave until I can't see the bus anymore and then go inside and cry. Cry with my ONE year old and stew and worry until they come home again. Who said being a momma was easy?!?


Mrs. E said...

And I bet they were so ready for this! Post pics?? Please!

A said...

Can't wait to hear what they thought of it!! Where are they going to preschool? Has their bus ride home gotten any shorter?? I hope so! 5 p.m. seems late!