Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Baby's sleeping! Girls are at preschool, hubby is on vacation gone for the week in Yoder (yes, yoder)for job training and this momma is having a FEW minutes of Q. U. I. E. T. time. I say FEW because that precious little boy of mine that is napping right now does not like to nap. I'm lucky if I get 30 minutes out of him. Funny when I'm at work he'll sleep 2-3 hours, but not when momma is home. Fingers crossed he gives me an hour. And look, I'm here with you blogging! Do you feel special? You should! Instead of facebooking (ok thats a lie, I'm facebook and blogging), or making flowers (like I should be), or sitting on the couch watching hurricane ISAAC updates (thats on in the background), or listening to my focus on the family podcast (thats next on the list if little tarzan in there gives me an hour) I'm sitting here with Y.O.U! Tarzan is supposed to be getting shots right about now but he's just not feeling good and I just can't make him feel worse. Plus Dad will be home for our new shot appointment and HE can take lil man. This momma does not do shots unless I HAVE to!

Anyhow as I said dear husband is in Yoder. He's doing some combative training for work so he can come back and train the other correction officers. Pretty fancy huh?! I'm pretty proud of him! Although the text I just received said he should have remembered icy hot and tylenol so I'm thinking the "old age" (he's 2 years YOUNGER than me) is catching up with him today. I like to say he's on vacation. His SECOND for the year! A few months ago he went to florida for a WEEK. A WEEK! By himself. No kids, no wife, by himself. Not fair I don't think. Although I'm not sure I could leave for a week just yet. Nursing is still under way with Tarzan and last weekend hubby tried to have his sister watch the kids over night and I flew off the handle politley declined having Hunter stay overnight. Right before hubby left for florida I asked him when my WEEK LONG KID FREE vacation was gonna happen and he looked at me and said "you're on vacation everyday"....Hubby thought he was being  not so much!

Anyhow (again), just incase you wondered what ever would I do with MY week while hubby is on vacation training it looks a little something like this

Since daddy is gone Uncle Goggin is filling in on the babysitting part which mean lots of cuddle time for him and the kids. They sure do love him! He's an amazing uncle, especially for an 18 (almost 19) year old "kid".
The girls LOVE playing with Hunter! Can't you tell he loves it too?
Yes he is tied to the chair with a Wii remote. And he's smiling.
Then he was done. So of course Joslen is making sure he doesn't "get out". Kenna was "cutting" his hair. When I gave her "the look" because of this little episode,
Hunter's "first" haircut. By his sister! I wasn't sure whether to laugh, cry, or be angry. I think I did a little of all of them. At first I thought something was wrong with my precious boy. He must of hit his head or was losing his hair. Until I realized it was a straight line and was CUT. I asked Kenna if she had cut his hair. Her response "Well, umm, I think his hair is just like that mom". When I told her she COULD have hurt him with the scissors she looked at me and said "But I didn't Mom". That child!
and an episode just a few weeks ago when her and her sister BOTH decided to cut their OWN hair (thats another blog post in the mental file) she quickly replied with "mom, I'm just pretending. I won't ever cut his hair again" and then she busted out laughing. *sigh* That child!
And this, this is what a few of my days have looked like. Stripping cloth diapers.

22 Bumgenius cloth diapers and 50 inserts to be exact. Fun stuf! (insert sarcasm) Although I did spend some time washing the diapers I have done very little laundry since hubs is gone. I swear that man creates more laundry than the whole rest of our family. I usually have AT LEAST one load a day and since he left monday night, I have done ONE, O-N-E load of laundry. I attempted to do a load today and then realized I didn't even have enough for a small load so it looks like the whole 5 days he's gonna be gone I'll do possibly 2 loads of laundry. What the heck hubby?!

And we've had lots of this. They were watching some cartoons while waiting for the bus this morning. They sure do love each other. I sure do love them!
P.S. lil Tarzan gave me an hour and 20 mins! Wuhoo! And then it took 30 mins for my computer to upload pics. Such is life
*note to husband if you should read this. I'm only kidding on the vacation part. I know you are down there working hard. I just like to give you a hard time. On a blog that you can't defend yourself on! :)


cgfeller said...

Okay, couldn't resist and you know me being a Sister Wife had to stick up for the ol aren't doing as much laundry because Josh is the only one who gets dressed for the day!!! LOL (sorry couldn't resist! and you know now with Mikey you can throw that one back at was just too funny since there were pictures of them without clothes!) Let's see there were some other things I wanted to comment on but you know since I'm OLD I can't remember what they were! LOL I'm sure you'll get a text (amongst the 1,000/day you already get) when I remember! LOVE YOU!! ; )

A said...

uh oh. i think you are going to have your hands full with the little haircutter!!!! it seems it won't be the end of that, but i wish you luck in convincing those sweet girls of yours to keep the scissors away from hair!