Saturday, July 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

Finally friday. Although weekends aren't much different for our family than the rest of the week. Hubby works friday, saturday, Sunday so our weekend is more like monday tuesday. Except I work Tuesday so...I donno. I'll explain our chaos schedules one day. Doesn't that sound like a super exciting blog post?!? It works for us. NO DAYCARE!  Anywho. Different post different day.
J decided she should feed little brother lunch. I was getting stuff prepared to go in the crock pot for supper so it was nice "help". Apparently H was tired and Joslen must of thought he was in need of crackers.

Little stink was limp as a noodle until I tried putting him in his bed. Then he was wide awake screaming! Someone has him a little spoiled! Ehhumm JOSHUA! J likes to use the excuse that H will ONLY take a nap ON him so J has "good" reason to sit and rock (or join the nap) for 3 hours while little one sleeps. Mama doesn't have 3 hours to sit and do "nothing". Although maybe I should start!
This was what I was preparing. (Tiff if you're at work hungry reading again stop now!!)

It looked much better IN the crockpot then this picture. And tasted much better then the pic looks.  BBQ meatballs from scratch. :)  AND
I LOVE corn on the cob! (so do the girls, last time they had 3 pieces. But tonight they asked if they could not eat corn and have more meatballs! They were THAT good. Toot toot! (that was me tooting my own horn) ) It was always the best from my grandpa's garden when he was alive. This is the part I don't really like about corn on the cob.
Today must of been my
lucky Friday the 13th! NO WORMS! I HATE...H.A.T.E....worms!! Especially when you're peeling open corn and surprise! Say hello to my little friend! Blagh! Worms run a pretty close second to snakes and spiders in my world! ok I take that back maybe not that bad but close!
We ran down to cousin C's house who lives just down the road after supper. The trailblazer needs new tires and he had some he thought would work. Guess my luck ran out because they DON'T work! :( Anyone have $800 just laying around?! :) Tires are EEeeexxxpensive! Girls played with K who is just 3 months older then them. They may be trouble in a few years!!! Poor Hunter was forced to play dress up. With me. Sorry son! I really am a good mom. I just like a good laugh. Please forgive me now if you should ever see this in the future.
And don't tell hubby I posted it for EVERYONE to see.
He'd make a pretty girl?!? Love!


Casie said...

Pretty sure my husband would Kill me if i dressed Ryker up like that. If I ever see Josh.. I will NOT tell him about this incident! :)

Your dinner looked delicious! Wish i had the time to make stuff like that... Hamburger Helper is our friend at our house! ;)

Have a good weekend Lenise!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

haha. I am laughing at Casie's comment up there.
and really ... I will NEVER show Dan your blog. I tell him that women don't know how to cook. I think he's starting to believe me. ;)