Saturday, July 21, 2012

Life is short

Going to bed last night I could not wait to tell everyone about my fun day yesterday. I even contemplated getting up early before work just to post. I contemplated. Sleep won. I was so excited to tell about the wonderful day I had with my sister. And then I heard the news about Colorado. What a sad day for so many families. Ironic I was excited about my family day as countless families mourn the loss of their loved ones. The sting of losing a loved one still burns fresh on my mind. My heart aches for these families. A senseless sick tragedy. Only one word comes to my mind. satan (he doesn't deserve a capital S). Although my father was not lost thru a senseless tragedy, he fell victim to a senseless disease. One word. satan. So many whys, and what ifs, and countless questions that remain unanswered for me and will probably go unanswered for several others. Such a valuable lesson to be learned. Life is short. God could call you home right this very second. I've always been "teased" a little (especially by my sister who always needs a plan) about my "laid back, life happens, it'll get done sometime, life is short" type of attitude. An attitude I can only say has been magnified in the wake of the "satan disease" my family battled for a little over a year. I can even say now sister is adopting the new attitude. I remember not too long ago expressing my "Life is too short" attitude to a friend. It was about something little, like food or chocolate or something of the sort. (Life is too short not to enjoy chocolate.) I remember her laughing a little a saying "I wouldn't have a job, if I lived by that attitude." I just smiled but I couldn't help but think "we should ALL live by that attitude". Life is SHORT. Enjoy what you can today. Don't take for granted the little moments that could be taken away in a second at any given time. Yes, I completely understand we can't all just quit our jobs and do whatever we'd like for the next 50 years. Yes, I understand we need to "plan" some for the future. But ya know what, I'm gonna live like today could be my last. I'm gonna wear my expensive perfume, my "nice" clothes, eat that extra piece of chocolate, and say I love you way too many times just in case I don't wake up tomorrow, or the next day, or the next. Senseless things like today just remind me why I always try to live by "life is short" and they make days like yesterday all too precious.
Sister sent me an early morning text asking if I needed anything from Mtown. It's a little bit of a drive and us cheap frugal sisters try to keep each other informed of our travels there. I told her I didn't think I needed anything. The big Labor Day celebration is only a few months away and I'd like to have quite a few bows made for the salon. I checked Hobby Lobby and what do you know my bow stuff is 40% off until Saturday! I sent her a hint text telling her about my find and that I needed wanted to pick some stuff up but I wasn't sure what I wanted so I'd probably just run to Stown (it's a little closer for me) and get what I needed. Sister is good. She responsed with Stown could work for me if you want to go together. Umm, duh! She came over and off we went to Stown shopping (of course with 4 kids in tow. Mine and Mikezilla) We had a great little time. The kids were really pretty good.We made it back to meet Josh to pick up sisters CL buy. He's such a good guy. He waited on us 45 minutes after he got off work just to help sister load up her stuff. We joke that we are "sister wives" since people are usually a little confused seeing Josh with the both of us and all the kids. Funny thing is before Josh was in the picture people used to joke that sisters husband must have 2 wives since they always saw me with them. I guess we just like spending time together. I'm gonna have to say they both must be pretty lucky men! ;)  We were just finishing up in Atown when sisters husband sent her a text asking if we could put grandma on babysitting duty and the 4 of us head to the CC rodeo. Grandma said okay so off to CC the 4 of us went. It was one of the best nights we've had in awhile. It was nice to go out as a couple alone (minus kids) and enjoy in some adult conversation and fun .We didn't even get home until 12:30am. I felt like a kid again! I sure do love those two! And I sure hope we start to do it more often. I could go on and on about all the reasons I love having my sister but I'll save that for another post!

Today I had to work. Sister came in (wuhoo more sister time) and got her hair cut and nails painted. Mikey was along for the ride so we painted her nails and "Aunt Nene" got lots of extra lovins. I sure do love that little girl! Tomorrow is work again and then over to a friends house for a little get together. Sister will be there too. We're gonna have lots of time spent together by the end of this week. Although I think it might be a bad thing. It makes me expect the same amount of time to be spent together the next week too.

Time for me to close my eyes. It seems tonight I'm gonna have lots of extra prayers to say. Although some are for healing and comfort, many are praising the many blessing God has so graciously blessed me each and every minute of the day! LOVE!

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Mrs. E said...

Living close to your sister is such a blessing. Mine is in CA--and I hate it! I'm having a little withdrawl reading this! : )