Saturday, July 7, 2012


I'm not very good at thinking of clever little titles for my posts. Usually I think of things AFTER it's posted, or I think of something and think its so cute and then later think really, that wasn't so cute! So today I chose the thing closest to me right now. Starbursts. Hubby went fishing with his brother and girls are in their room aggravating playing with Hunter for the moment. I walked in a few minutes ago. Wait, I take that back, I had to KNOCK. Yes, my 4 year olds have already locked me out of their room. So I knocked, Joslen opened the door a crack and peaked out. Hunter spotted me and started to fuss and Joslen said "sorry mom, he doesn't want you in here so please leave". She pushed me out, shut the door, and I heard the door lock again. Normally I'd probably be a little upset but today I took the opportunity for some blog time! Oh wait, in the few minutes it took me to write that they have come back into the living room. So much for QUIET time but I think I still have some blog time left! Anyways back on track. My point originally was that I was alone so I was scarfing down some Starbursts. I'm a sugar junkie. *sigh* I see no cure in sight! OH well, at least I'm not a REAL junkie! LOL! But literally I'm sure I have a problem. I've eaten probably 20 pieces already. And there's still one left sitting beside me. Oh and this big bag sitting in the kitchen.

Sugar JUNKIE! Off track again. My original intent of this post was to tell you about my Saturday. Last Saturday that is. Man I can't keep up! Last Saturday I got to be part of a beautiful wedding. And by part I mean I got to be the hairstylist. I've done hair for about 7 years now and before that I was doing wedding hair and prom hair for friends and family before I even went to cosmetology school. I love it! I truly have a passion for it. We'll talk about that some other time though. Anyhow, the wedding in one that I'm pretty sure I will NEVER forget. Not necessarily because of how beautiful the bride was,(of course she was stunning) or how amazing the ceremony was, or even how great the food was at the reception. (it was yummy) But mostly because it was one of the worst most stressful days of my career ever. Bride M had asked me to make her a flower for her hair. She wasn't having a veil so she opted for a flower. Except she didn't really find what she liked so we thought we could make her one! In my spare time (mainly BEFORE Hunter was born) I started making bows. It's something I really enjoy. And it's SOOO much cheaper! I'm poor and cheap. So one night M came out to the house and we spent the better part of 2 hours getting what she wanted JUST RIGHT. She wanted a simple hair style and her flower to be the main attraction. A couple days later I sent her this pic of what I had created and her response was "I LOVE IT!"

Wuhoo! Score one for Lenise! She came in a week before the wedding and we did a run thru to get an idea of what we would be doing. After 3 hours I finally got the hair how she wanted. If you want to make a hairstylist work just give her a "simple" hair style to replicate. Simple usually does not mean simple in the hair world. Simple means spending hours trying to figure out how someone else made their hair do look so simple.  But I finally conquered the "simple" hair do and this is what we got.

Looks simple right? *sigh* I took pics from every angle just in case on wedding day I needed a little cheat sheet. We took out her flower and she asked me to keep it and bring it so she didn't have to worry about it on wedding day! NO PROBLEM!

I got all the products and bobby pins rounded up the night before wedding day. I was so proud of myself for being "prepared", something that does not happen too often in my world. I was even ON TIME the next morning for wedding day hair do time! ON TIME is also not generally in my vocab. I started on junior bridesmaid hair and about the time we started talking about the flower going in her hair I got that sick sinking feeling in my stomach. M's FLOWER! I F-O-R-G-O-T it! Oh crap! No worries, my mom to the rescue. I sent her a little text she was on her way from C town to Atown she could swing by the house, get it out of the black bag that I KNEW it was in, and drop it by. Problem solved, I'm no longer the worst hairdresser in the world. Good plan until Mom calls saying "flower is not in the bag and no where to be found in the house" Now I feel the tears fighting to surface and the sick feeling is getting worse. It's at the salon. DUH! I left it there the day we did her run thru! Mom to the rescue! She comes to Atown gets my shop keys, goes back to Ctown, and then will bring it back to Atown. Another great plan until mom calls saying "flower is no where to be found in the salon" WHAT?!?!? This is not a recital, this is not prom, there are no re-dos this is her WEDDING! Officially back to the top of the "worst hairdresser ever" list. I finished the junior bridesmaid and 2 bridesmaids and started on brides hair. At some point I finally broke down and said "I lost your flower".... I wanted to cry or puke...possibly both at the same time. I tore apart my car, mom and brother in law searched the house to no avail. Thank goodness mom was smart enough to bring my tote of craft stuff. So I said "don't worry I'll just make you another one"....I had the rhinestones, the feathers, the clips, only problem was no flower. M swore she wasn't worried. I didn't believe her for a minute. She broke out in hives, I'm sure it was my fault. Worst hairdresser ever. *sigh* To make matters worse her hair WOULD NOT work with me. It did everything possible to make my life even more of a nightmare then what was already unfolding. I probably put it up and took it down 500 times. I finally got it in and it looked almost exactly like run thru and we decided it was too much to one side. So down again it came. Yep, just a simple hair do with a flower. Neither were in my vocab that day! Thank goodness for Atown being a small town. The flower lady said she would see if she had any fresh flowers that were similar to the one I had originally made. She came back with a fake bouquet that she had found with a flower that was pretty darn close to the original! Wedding day SAVED! No longer first on the "worst hairdresser ever list", probably second though. Hair and makeup were finished a few minutes before pictures we supposed to start (on time not in my vocab)  and new flower was placed in wedding hair.  All in all everything turned out just fine! Bride was beautiful, flower was beautiful, wedding was beautiful, and they lived happily ever after.

Pretty close to the original right?! I still get a sick feeling just thinking about that dang flower. It is STILL "lost". No where to be found. But I have to say this. M was wonderful thru the whole thing. Even though I knew she was stressed (hence the hives), she kept reassuring me (or herself) it would be just fine. Not once did she yell or get mad, even though she had every right to hate me at that moment. She was super sweet and grateful for everything I did. She's a truly amazing woman and I was so glad she asked me to be a part of her special day. Her and new hubby are starting their new lives on the west coast. I'm sad to see her leave but excited for her new adventure. They will be back (hubby is in the army) next year sometime. I can't wait! So maybe it's not the "most stressful day of my career" that I'll remember. I'll remember the day that M made me realize that gracious, loving, and truly forgiving people still exist in this world. SHE was my blessing that day!


Casie said...

Oh Lenise! My stomach was turning just reading your post! -- I'm so glad everything worked out (like it always does on wedding day) and i'm so glad that the bride was easy to work with and gracious and forgiving! What a great friend you have there!
Oh and I LOVE starbursts too! :)

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend! Love reading your posts! Just so you know your not writing these things for nobody.

I feel like that sometimes. I call my mom and say hey go read my post and then tell me how awesome it is! ;)

cgfeller said...

Ugh...make me cry with the ending!!!!!!!!