Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've been MIA for a few days. I've been soaking in every moment I get to spend with the hubs and lil ones. I guess I just didn't stop to share it until now. Nothin too eventful has happened. 

Saturday was spent with family. As always! My niece from emporia came up for the day. The girls asked me 15 million times "is she here yet" until she arrived. They love having "playmates". I didn't get any pictures, probably because I was too busying in the kitchen with my sister. Her and the boys (no Mikezilla) came over to see Izz (and us) so as normal we let the kids lose and enjoyed some sister time. Love my sister time! Everyone left before supper. They sure did miss out! That morning I took those left over meatballs from the last blog (I'm on my phone so I can't do all the fun links and strike thru text) added some meat thru it in the crockpot and made sloppy joes! Yuummm! 

Sunday involved church. Then all of us (me, the kids, mom, sister and her fam) all went to pizza hut. Pretty sure I gained 5 pounds! Then off we went to HELL (aka Walmart). Got home, groceries unloaded then off to the salon I (BY MYSELF) went.  I've been wanting/needing a change for a LONG time now! And hubby (not that I do my hair according to him) has been asking me when I was gonna get rid of all this hair. Yes, he's a weirdo and HATES my long hair.  

This was my inspiration. 

This was after the first cut.

Then we cut some more. I would have sworn I lost 10 pounds. (I didn't, I went home and checked) 

And when I came to work today I cut a little more. I think I have a problem with cutting my own hair . 

I know you are just dying to see it so here's the big reveal! 



I LOVE that it took me 5 minutes to do my hair this morning. Love it! Oh and hubby really loves it! Now he wants pink blue and purple in it. I have purple "peek-a-boos" right now but apparently thats not enough. Who did I marry?!? :)  

I've come to the conclusion hubby does not want me to be "skinny". It is completely his fault I do not lose weight! :) Has NOTHING to do with the 2nd helping I always end up with! Hubby made fried pork chops for supper sunday night. Hubby's a good cook. Have I mentioned that?! I'm really starting to like this whole blogging about what HE cooks! 

Monday was expensive. Remember those tires I mentioned needing. Yep, we gave in and got them. Ugh! Donations will be accepted at any time! ;) Also got the oil changed and had planned on getting Hubbys tags but we have to wait on the title from Florida. So I guess it wasn't as expensive as planned. Just means some other day will be expensive. *sigh* We had to do some waiting for the oil to be done so we went and ate lunch and did some driving around. I had heard lots of giggling coming from the back but didn't investigate much. Poor Hunter. The girls "painted" him with the dye from there little straw "ornament" from the Mexican restaurant we ate at for lunch. Clever little things they are. 

He didn't seem to mind much! Hubby may soon be  running away with Hunter to try and save the poor kid from us three girls! 


Mrs. E said...

Love your hair, girlie!

Casie said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the hair!!!!! -- Sometimes I wish my husband didnt like long hair so i could chop mine off..... but i like my long hair too... I just dont like the time it takes to do it!
Happy Hump Day!