Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain!! Enough said! 

Really I should just stop there and go to bed but I just couldn't keep myself away from you! 

Hunters preferred napping position the last few days! (see Friday 13th post) 

New cut with new color! (maybe I just like taking pictures of myself) It's "blonde"...well my version of blonde...and can you see the little strip of blue/green/tealish? I put blue on it but that's the color I got! Maybe because it started out lime green? Made a little "oops" when I was doing my color and my purple strip got colored "blonde" instead of dark. Oops! Apparently 7n with 40vol over purple hair makes lime green! Who knew?! But I'm actually happy it happened. I thought I was ready to get rid of my "fun" colors but I'm super happy I have my blue/green/tealish strip! :) 

Tacos, fidel, and homemade salsa were on the menu for tonight. Brother in law and mother in law came out and joined us for a quick visit! Love having Josh's family close. I know it makes Kansas a lot easier on him.

Off to bed I go! Josh has us on an "early" schedule. He gets up at 4:30am on days he works so its just easier on him if we all have an early bedtime! I must say I like it but I'm 2 hours past my bedtime! Love! 

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